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Clarence G Kirby

Clarence G. Kirby, 91, died Tuesday in the family home, 1720 W. 19th St., after an extended illness.

He was born in Georgetown, Ky., and lived in Muncie since 1925.

Mr. Kirby retired in 1968 from his job at Ernst Nursery. He and his wife, Mattie, had been married 68 years in September.

Surviving are his wife; four sons, Henry, Clarence, Donald, and Billie Kirby, all of Muncie; four daughters, Margie Chambers, Ethel (Mrs. Ed) Lee, Marie Miller, and Patricia (Mrs. Donald) Reed, all of Muncie; 41 grandchildren; 78 great-grandchildren; and 11 great-great-grandchildren.

Birth: May 18, 1893
Death: January 15, 1985
Cause of death: Kidney failure

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