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CD - April 2000

In 1999 I started recording some songs on my computer and finally finished in 2000, April to be exact, hence the title.

All instruments were played by me with the exception of the drums, since they were stolen before I got the chance to learn how to play them.

In late 2017, after learning a lot (though maybe not enough), I started remixing and remastering the songs from that project but unfortunately some of the original tracks were lost in a hard drive failure in 2005 and there was no backup so the only option there was a remaster where I attempted to make the song sound as good as possible but could only do so much. Even though a remix was not possible on these songs they do sound better than the original recording.

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I was born in 1963 in Muncie, In. and have 8 brothers and 8 sisters from 2 marriages, I attended Roosevelt Elementary, Wilson Middle, The Muncie Area Career Center and graduated from Muncie Southside. My wife, Rebecca, was born in Lawrence, Ma. and moved to Muncie as a baby and graduated from Muncie Central.

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