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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

HP 110-210 flashes logo but will not boot

HP 110-210

I have an HP 110-210 that was simply flashing the HP logo on the screen but would not start up.

After looking online for a fix and finding nothing except that it was either the external power supply or the mainboard I decided to look for other possibilities and finally hit on the combination of pressing the F11 function key and when it displayed the keyboard error screen I pressed F11 again and got a menu option that said System Recovery in the lower right corner and when I pressed the enter key it began loading a menu that had several options on it for choosing a keyboard layout, since I am in the United States I chose US.

Next it loaded a screen with 5 options on it, I chose the bottom left, Use Another Operating System. I was then shown 3 options:
  1. Windows 10 on volume 4 (yours may be different)
  2. Windows Rollback
  3. Windows 10 on volume 4
I chose number 3, and it restarted. During the startup it said the familiar Installing Updates Do Not Unplug or Turn Off Your Computer.

Once it was finished starting I had a desktop and tried a restart to see what would happen, it started with no problem so I am guessing it was a Windows Update that failed to complete thus causing the computer to fail at startup.

Hope this will help someone else, you never know it may also work on other brands or models.

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