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My Family

Names that are in color are now gone from this world and can be clicked on to see what information I have on them. Once you click on a name the color will change so you can see you have already visited that page.

Glen's Family
Great Grandfather Great Grandmother
Grandfather Grandmother
Father Mother

Children of Henry & Mary
Henry G. Kirby Sue Jones
Harold Kirby Sarah Jett
Clarence McCormick Sharon Jett
Randall Jett Judy Amdor
Michael Kirby Katherine Hahn
Larry Kirby Donna Healy
Donald Kirby Marilyn Kirby
Samuel Kirby Kelli Kirby
Glen Kirby

Rebecca's Family
Father Mother
David Trask Biological Barbara Chagnon
Reeder Baird Adopted Edith Camasso
Rebecca’s Brothers & Sisters
Kevin Baird
Randy Baird
William Chagnon
David Trask
Samuel Chagnon
Michelle Meuse
Deanna Bower

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